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Are you a start-up, established tech provider, tech developer, researcher, educator, real estate owner or operator? We invite you to join us in the pursuit of sustainable solutions for our cities.

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      we are a detroit collaborative for sustainable cities.

      We’re a hands-on lab for tech providers, developers, educators, & researchers committed to fostering resilient cities by cross-pollinating ideas, pioneering new technologies, & democratizing data.

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      future-proofing cities through sustainable and equitable tech.

      At UTX we believe that solving the complex challenges of urban living depends on the integration of innovative software solutions addressing issues like building systems automation, energy demand management, community health, and tenant experiences.

      Our mission may be challenging, but it’s crystal clear: create fair and resilient cities while improving the lives of those who call them home.

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      & innovate.

      Open-source innovation is at the heart of UTX. We cultivate collaborative development across companies, implement data transparency, and make technological breakthroughs accessible to urban communities worldwide.


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      UTX exists for folks who are doers - those who want to test their ideas, make mistakes, and ultimately, solve urban challenges through the development and collective scalability of hardware and software solutions. Our lab creates opportunities to pilot emerging technology in a low risk, turn-key, real-world setting.


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      data lake.

      Gain access to UTX’s “Data Lake” of urban data sources collected from UTX projects, public data sets, and a variety of local sources, including Bedrock’s downtown real estate portfolio of over 18M SF.

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